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Free-Range Horror

DESPITE MANY OTHER predictable changes to its source material, the opening sequence of Andy Muschietti's wildly successful adaptation of Stephen King's epic 1986 novel It reproduces the book's inciting incident with meticulous loyalty. In the beginning of the novel, just before protagonist Bill …
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A Review of Kayak – Should You Book Your Travel Here?

One of the most popular travel search engines around is Kayak. Maybe you've heard of them before! If you're looking to pay cash for your travels instead of travel rewards points then Kayak is a site you should search. In our review of Kayak, we cover all the functions of Kayak and if Kayak is a great …
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Review: Microsoft Surface Book 2 Is Powerful Laptop-Tablet Combo

The first generation Surface Book was a feat of engineering that took Microsoft's Surface tablet PC and turned it on its head, making it a laptop first and a tablet second. The Surface Book 2 refines a few things, adds much more power and finally adopts USB-C. If you're primarily a laptop user, who …
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Review: Children’s book ‘Ferdinand’ jumps to screen nicely

Review: Children's book 'Ferdinand' jumps to screen nicely. By The Associated Press December 13, … “Ferdinand ” is a first-rate animated tale adapted from the beloved 1936 children's book about a pacifist Spanish bull who just loves to sit around and sniff flowers. It's often dark, sometimes whacky, but …
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How Disney’s Acquisition of Fox May Impact Marvel Comics

I'm Steve Gustafson and thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to check out 411mania's Comic Book Review Roundtable, every Thursday! Read up on the best reviews and let us know what you're reading as well. Click to read the latest Comic Book Review Roundtable! Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja …
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These 5 Christmas novels promise to put you in the holiday spirit

First a movie, The Man Who Invented Christmas starring Dan Stevens, and now the novel Mr. Dickens and His Carol imagine how Charles Dickens, on a tight deadline, concocted what may be the most beloved holiday story of all time. In Samantha Silva's lively if treacly tale, it's November 1843 and the …
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Warfare and Weaponry in Dynastic Egypt, by Rebecca Angharad Dean

Although she opens with a summary overview of the military history of ancient Egypt.Dean, a specialist in the interdisciplinary … Dean devotes a chapter to Egyptian weaponry and military technology, including fortresses, and follows this with a discussion of policy and strategy. We then get a look at the …
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