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In ‘Educated,’ the inspiring story of an isolated young woman determined to learn

Tara Westover is living proof that some people are flat-out, boots-always-laced-up indomitable. Her new book Educated (Random House, 334 pp., out of four) is a heartbreaking, heartwarming, best-in-years memoir about striding beyond the limitations of birth and environment into a better life.
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Join Author Judith Newman for Writers Speak Wednesdays on Feb 21

She is well-versed in writing a wide range of content for newspapers and magazines, from book reviews to sex columns, and she's also written a few books herself. She wrote her first book, Bath (Chic Simple), in 1993, followed by Body (Chic Simple) the following year. Her writing has continued with Tell …
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This Week’s Book Review – Artemis

Whenever an author creates a monster-hit first novel, a question arises. Can they repeat their feat and produce a second-hit novel? “Artemis,” by Andy Weir demonstrates he can. The author of “The Martian” is back, with a science fiction tale every bit as exciting as his first novel. The Artemis giving the …
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Active Shooter

Andrew Hankinson's 2016 book You Could Do Something Amazing With Your Life [You Are Raoul Moat] tells the story of the shooter's seven days on the … shoot the psychiatrist for giving you a negative report (though you can't remember their name) and point the gun at the police until they shoot you.
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Book review – ‘The Line Becomes a River’ by Francisco Cantu

This is an articulate and self-reflective account of a young man attempting to hold onto his identity while serving as an agent for the United States Border Patrol from 2008 to 2012, working in the deserts of Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. Raised by his mother, a park ranger in the Southwest, Cantú …
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Book Review: ‘Sunburn’

Inspired by the noir novels of James M. Cain, Laura Lippman assiduously delivers a masterpiece of the form in her steamy novel Sunburn. An alleged secret stash of cash from a questionable insurance settlement, apparently amoral characters, and ulterior motives all mixed up because of a fervid love …
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Retro review: Hornbaker’s book on McMahon empire tells it straight

The history of professional wrestling has been changed to suit the needs of the individual or promotion. It isn't uncommon to have lies become truth when the truth becomes inconvenient. Tim Hornbaker cuts through the political murk and provides a clear history of the early WWE in his book Captiol …
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